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We are pleased to present to you the technically updated Art Database of the National Fund. The website has been optimized for numerous current browser versions and is now also available for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Besides, its search features have been greatly improved: The keywords entered are now also found if they are recorded in the database in a different order, with similar spelling or in different database fields of an art or cultural object. (For further information, please visit our "advanced search" help page.)

In the Art Database of the National Fund, you can find information on art and cultural objects presently located in museums and collections of the Republic of Austria or of the City of Vienna, which may have been, according to latest provenance research, seized under the National Socialist regime. Their publication in this database takes place in co-operation with the Federal museums and collections concerned and with other Austrian institutions conducting provenance research and aims to determine whether there is a possibility of restituting these objects.


Here you can find further information on art restitution and provenance research in Austria.


The art and cultural objects can be browsed through a catalogue or the advanced search.


The National Fund is legally entitled to make use of those art objects handed over to the Fund which cannot be returned.